What is Polki Diamond? Are Polki Diamond and Flat Diamond the same?

Yes, Polki Diamond and Flat Diamond are the same

5/24/20214 min read

Yes, Polki Diamond and Flat Diamond are the same. Since Polki Diamond does not have a pavilion like cut diamond. It is a flat piece, so it is also called flat diamond.

Polki is a form of diamond; It is also called uncut diamond. We can say that Polki is a piece of diamond which is made from a piece of raw diamond which is scrap when making the cut diamond. If I explain you with an example, it will be easy for you to understand it. So what happens if we talk about marble mining, sculptures are made with fine pieces and the rest of the pieces are used to make marble flooring for our house, like in diamond mining, first we just make cut diamond And Solitaire Diamond from diamond Rough. The rest is transformed into Flat Diamond Slices which becomes Polki Diamond. Polki diamonds are less treated than cut diamonds and are also cheaper than cut diamonds. They have some facets on top and are not like cut diamonds. They are also shapeless, so they are called unshape diamonds. They are commonly used in Kundan Meena Jewellery (which is famous as a traditional bridal Jewellery feature of Rajasthan) and open Polki Jewellery.


diamond polki rough

The process of applying uncut diamond in Kundan Meena Jewellery and Open Polki is completely different from the cut diamond setting.

Uncut diamond Jewellery is very popular especially for bridal Jewellery. If we talk about the bride's choice for Jewellery, 90% of the bride will go for the uncut diamond Polki Jewellery as it goes with every traditional bridal dress like lehenga, gown, saree etc.

Talking about the shine of Polki diamond, yes its shine is less than the cut diamond but its look is very ancient and traditional. Hence ancient lovers always go for Polki ornaments. In terms of quality, there are many types of Polki diamonds, same as cut diamonds.


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Are kundan and Polki the same thing?

There is a big confusion between Kundan and Polki. Many consumers think that Kundan is a stone which is also known as Polki but both Polki and Kundan are very different from each other. Polki is uncut diamond and Kundan is a 24 carat gold foil. There is a myth that Kundan is an alternative to Polki diamonds but kundan is not a stone, it is a gold foil used to cast Polki diamonds into the mold. Some people think that Kundan is the stone that is used in Kundan Meena Jewellery, hence it is called Kundan Meena Jewellery, but Kundan is a gold foil used to set polki diamonds in Kundan Meena Jewellery. Hence it is called Kundan Meena Jewellery. If we talk about an alternative to Polki then it is a imitation stone that is so much brighter than Polki that can be cut into any shape and are also much cheaper than Polki, so personally I thinks that this cannot be said as an alternative of polki as Imitation cannot give an antique look like Polki. For more You can read our other blog about Kundan Meena Jewellery.


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How to distinguish fake Polki and diamond Polki?

There is a lot of difference between fake Polki and diamond Polki. Imitation Polki is brighter than glass Polki and has no cracks. And the cracks seen in Diamond Polki are less shiny and not glass-like.

Rose Cut: - It is a type of Polki which is more thick and better shaped and more faceted. Its crown portion is smaller than the normal Polki crown. Its brightness and quality are also much better than the normal Polki. And apparently it is also more expensive than the normal Polki.

English Polki - This is also a type of Polki. It is more vocal than Polki and shinier than normal Polki but less so than rose cut.


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Do you know how Polki gets set in Kundan Meena Polki Jewellery and Open Polki Jewellery?

As we know that Polki is flat diamond as it does not have a pavilion part, it is wrapped with sliver foil to give strength and shine to Polki. And then it is installed in ornaments. First the artisan selects Polki by size in the mold and then he wraps Polki in silver foil (Dhanak) and you can read more of our previous blog.


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